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About Bentwood Financial Group, LLC

Bentwood Financial Group, LLC was established in 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas. For the past decade, our company has been helping small business owners throughout the state of Texas and beyond gain alternative funding when traditional bank loans were not an option. Our goal is to help you, the small business owner, increase cash flow so you can grow your business. We do this through creative non-bank small business loans and equipment financing.

Our specialty is working with Government Suppliers, Transportation and various trades of the Construction industry such as Underground Utilities, Concrete, Landscaping, HVAC, Drywall, etc. We are proud to match our clients with top independent, private commercial finance companies in the country with plenty of money to lend who are eager to assist. Our lending partners fund millions if not billions annually to clients. Owner and President, Daniel Trevino, has aligned himself with very experienced, respected, and reputable strategic business partners that he has personally vetted. Don’t waste your valuable time chasing down a lender that “might” want to work with you. He may already have a lender that’s anxious and ready to assist you for your specific needs…all it takes is a casual conversation.

When you apply for a non-bank small business loan at Bentwood Financial, you can trust that you're in good hands. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

Bentwood Financial Group has a Private Network of Reputable Large and Specialty Boutique Direct Lenders many Business Owners may not Know Exist for their Financing Needs.


About Daniel Trevino

Daniel Trevino is a native born Texan. He attended Angelo State University, where he studied business. Over the next 26 years, he worked for companies such as GTE Telecommunications, Southwest Office Systems, Providian Financial, and Washington Mutual. His roles were in operations, payroll and financial accounting, sales, and marketing. He has always taken a keen interest in the financial aspects of his work: sales, payroll, vendor and inventory management, quality assurance, government regulations and requirements, and disaster recovery.
Opening Bentwood Financial Group, LLC in 2007 was the next logical step for him. He takes great pride in being able to counsel small business owners on their road to success. Paying tribute to his father, Daniel states, “My family's strong integrity and need to help people is the core of this business."


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