This is the first post in what I plan to be an ongoing series of helpful articles about small business cash flow financing.

Americans are traditionally “can do” people. We are enterprising, figuring out how to accomplish goals that may intimidate others. Small business in our country has always been built on the idea that with reasonable investment and hard work you can build a rewarding life.

Yet our recent economy would seem to contradict that traditional approach; it is far more difficult now than it has been in the past to establish a firm foundation for your business and to grow with confidence. Bank loans are not always desirable, and sometimes they’re hard to come by; suppliers are reluctant to extent credit; and customers are holding on to their cash. Many small businesses have a hard time meeting payroll every week, much less invest in the growth of their operations.

When I was a kid living in Texas, the son of a bank loan officer, my father gathered the family together and set out a plan. Would we like to live in the prestigious golf-course community in our town? We could realize such a dream if we would all pledge to work hard to achieve it.
And that’s just what we did. My brothers, Dad, and I built our home and we all contributed to the incredible new life we made as a family. It was a leap, but we were (and still are!) Can-Do Americans.

The same faith in our own abilities to get things done, even to accomplish great things, is what drives me still. After many years in management and now as a small business owner, I’m pleased to be in a position to make a big difference in your life if you’re a small business owner.

Imagine knowing that your payroll and liabilities are being met reliably and on time. What could you do, what progress could you make, not only with the resulting cash flow but also with the immense peace of mind you would finally attain?

Let’s be serious: It’s a nightmare to be afraid you won’t have enough for payroll every week. It’s even worse wondering how the families of your employees will feel if you get behind on payroll. So many people depend on your smooth cash flow!

How much time and energy is wasted worrying about that or similar shortages caused by cash flow that just doesn’t quite keep up? If you did not spend that time and energy worrying, what would you do with the savings?

To be honest, it’s really heartbreaking to me that people give up before they thoroughly explore all the alternatives. That’s bad for the individual, because it’s unhealthy whenever you give up on yourself.

But it’s also bad for the community and the country. We need more innovation and growth, not less. We need more ways to support individual small business owners so they are less frequently crushed by perceived conflicts in the system.

So in this blog I’ll be tuning in to ways that small businesses can access help for cash flow financing, equipment lease financing, working capital financing, or other instruments for achieving more healthy daily operational cash flow. We’ll look at definitions, processes, requirements, applications, and all the angles related to small business cash flow.

And finally, it’s true confessions time. My experience has been heavily in the manufacturing, construction, government contracting, transportation, and staffing fields, along with tangents into retail and hospitality. So these are the areas that are likely to be included in special focus posts here. If you have additional industries that you would like me to consider and discuss, please say so in the comments.